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Important Notice: Healthwest's Ionic Silver Spray and HydroCell Spray are Export Only products at this present time. All enquiries should be forwarded to 


Ionic Silver Spray


Soothes tender skin conditions bringing immediate relief and may be sprayed liberally on:


  • heat rash
  • small cuts
  • grazes
  • sunburn
  • wounds
  • eczema


Ionic Silver Spray dries swiftly and will not stain. This is important as many bacteria like a warm moist environment to multiply.


HealthWest Ionic Silver Spray is inexpensive but extremely effective and can be kept on standby to be ready at a moment’s notice.


HydroCell Spray


Combining the benefits of Ionic Silver with the power of Oxygen, this outstanding product has proven itself in countless situations.


We thank you for sending in the hundreds of testimonials attesting to the effectiveness of HydroCell Spray in a variety of conditions.


In accordance with current government guidelines, we are unable to publish these at this time. However, we look forward to continuing to receive your feedback on the efficacy of HydroCell Spray in the hope that we will be able to pass on the amazing results that people are achieving with this outstanding product in the future.



Silver Sprays - Ionic and HydroCell

HW 100% Money-Back Badge.png