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BabySpray soothes tender skin conditions bringing immediate relief and may be sprayed liberally on:


  • nappy rashes o heat rash
  • small cuts
  • grazes
  • sunburn
  • wounds
  • eczema


BabySpray dries swiftly and will not stain or leave baby feeling wet. This is important as many bacteria like a warm moist environment to multiply.


HealthWest BabySpray is inexpensive but extremely effective and can be kept on standby to be ready at a moment’s notice.


There’s nothing worse than nursing a distressed crying baby. The whole family is frazzled making life worse for sleep-deprived parents.


Parents are desperate for rapid relief without having to worry about side effects or reactions to medications.


There is a need for a successful but easy-to-use remedy.


BabySpray is non-toxic, will not distress baby and is safe for all the family and contains only pure water and charged silver ions and does not contain any nanoparticles (metal colloids), fillers, stabilisers or chemicals of any sort.


BabySpray Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


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Healthwest Baby Spray 100ml

HW 100% Money-Back Badge.png