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The Conscientious Path to Health

You probably know that you can strengthen your immune system with things like exercise, sleep, and certain supplements. However, your personality plays a role too.

Research has discovered that conscientious people have a naturally stronger immune system and live longer. It turns out that being dependable and disciplined might help you to fight off disease and continue enjoying the activities you love. Learn more about how to make your personality work for you.

Becoming More Conscientiousness - Getting Organised

Other benefits of being conscientious include healthier lifestyles, higher productivity, and greater achievements. It starts with taking a deliberate approach to life. Use these strategies:

  • Set goals. Give yourself something to strive for each day. Set specific goals that are meaningful and realistic for you. Put them in writing to make them concrete.

  • Manage your time. Create a daily schedule. Planning ahead will help you to focus on your priorities and accomplish more in less time.

  • Establish routines. Make smart choices and healthy habits automatic by adding structure to your days. Stick to an early bedtime. Cook meals at home instead of ordering takeout.

  • Clear away clutter. A tidy environment reduces stress and saves time looking for lost documents or phone chargers. Donate items you seldom use and buy organizing systems for your closets and drawers.

  • Limit distractions. Figure out where you’re wasting time. Cut back on TV and internet browsing. Simplify your wardrobe and beauty regimen.

  • Avoid multitasking. Studies show that focusing on one thing at a time is more efficient and increases the quality of your work. It’s also healthier for your brain.

  • Use technology. Invest in apps and devices that help you to complete your work faster. Use collaboration tools at work and programmable slow cookers at home. Automate tasks like backing up files and scheduling appointments.

  • Act now. Say goodbye to procrastination. Break big projects down into smaller steps. Address root causes like depression or perfectionism that may make it difficult for you to make decisions or take risks.

Becoming More Conscientiousness - Honouring Your Commitments

Being conscientious and reliable strengthens your relationships too. You're likely to gain more influence and develop stable connections.

Try these techniques:

  • Cultivate gratitude. When you feel thankful, you’re more motivated to fulfill your obligations and give back to your community. Reflect on the kindness of others and keep a gratitude journal.

  • Persevere through obstacles. What happens when you run into delays and setbacks? If you're tempted to give up, remember your purpose. Give yourself credit for trying. Take worthwhile risks and learn from experience.

  • Set boundaries. To stay on top of your to do list, be sure it’s realistic. Learn to turn down requests beyond your capacity instead of making excuses later. Take breaks to avoid burnout.

  • Be punctual. Little things can make a big difference. Show up on time for lunch dates and business meetings. Let others know that you value their time by not leaving them waiting. If you must be late, communicate proactively, so they can decide how to respond.

  • Assume responsibility. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Recognize that you are in charge of your decisions and accept the consequences of your actions. Apologize sincerely when you fall short of expectations. While it helps to work at becoming more principled, you may also like knowing that time is on your side. Research shows that we tend to become more conscientious and agreeable as we age. Use the power of your personality to stay healthy and live longer.


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