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Frequently asked questions

What is Ionic Silver?

HealthWest Ionic Silver is positively charged microscopic pure silver particles suspended in water. The positively charged particles remain suspended in water because the particles repel each other with a greater force than gravity. It is an effective germicidal that it lethal to over 650 disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other new strains of bacteria classified as MDR (Multiple Drug Resistant). HealthWest Ionic Silver is rapidly making Colloidal Silver obsolete because it has all the antimicrobial properties of Colloidal Silver but without the metal.

How does HealthWest Ionic Silver work?

Silver has the ability to combine with oxygen onto the surface of silver ions in solution which reacts with the sulfhydryl (-S-H) groups surrounding the surface of bacteria or viruses. Any negative charge presented by the organism's membrane proteins can be deactivated by the positively charged silver ions. The reaction blocks the life-preserving cellular process known as cellular respiration and causing the bacteria to die. (Reference: Richard Davies and Samuel Etris of The Silver Institute, in a 1996 monograph entitled The Development and Functions of Silver in Water Purification and Disease Control, discuss three mechanisms of deactivation that silver utilises to incapacitate disease causing organisms. They are Catalytic Oxidation, Reaction with Cell Membranes, and Binding with the DNA of disease organisms to prevent unwinding.)

What is the ingredient in HealthWest products?

Positively charged Silver Ions 16-20 PPM (parts per million)
Pure distilled water
(Does not contain any inert silver colloids)

Does HealthWest Ionic Silver bind with salts and chloride?

HealthWest Ionic Silver is uniquely designed with a delivery mechanism that shields the silver ions from chloride and other salts in the body to deliver the silver ions intact to where it is needed in the body. This product overcomes the limitations of colloidal silver technology.

How should one use Ionic Silver?

HealthWest Ionic Silver products may be taken orally or topically for wound care, skin health, pink eye, ear infections, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, sinusitis, cold, flu, pneumonia, etc.

What is the dosage for HealthWest Ionic Silver?

Acute conditions: Adults: 20-30ml hourly | Children (under 12) 10-15ml hourly When condition improves for a further 3 days: Adults: 20-30ml twice daily | Children (under12) 10ml twice daily As a preventive: Adults: 10-20ml twice daily | Children (under12) 10ml twice daily

Are there any dangers or side effects?

Like anything else, if used sensibly, it is completely non-toxic and will not harm the immune system in any way. Critics of Ionic Silver products will often warn that the consumption of Ionic silver might lead to Argyria, (a bluish and grey discolouration of the skin). According to Dr Bob Beck who indicated that Argyria is caused by silver compounds, such as silver nitrate, silver sulfate, silver sulfadiazine, etc., and not microparticles of pure elemental silver. Apparently, silver colloids are mostly absorbed in the upper gastrointestinal tract, since colloidal silver does not seem to adversely affect friendly bacteria in the lower intestines. Please refer to the HealthWest Safety Data Report. (PDF).

What is a Tyndall test?

When a laser is shone through a liquid other than distilled water, a path of light can be seen as similar to when you shine a torch through smoke or fog. All colloidal silvers will show this path of light as the laser beam refracts light off the metal particles contained within the liquid. This test will show the difference between HealthWest Pure Ionic Silver and Colloidal Silver. It demonstrates that HealthWest Pure Ionic Silver does not contain any metal, colloids or Nanoparticles.

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